Sara Clark

Sara Clark, Expert Trainer


Michelle Mitake\

At first I was really afraid to step into a studio/gym before I started with Sara.  She has made it easy for my to get my body back that had been lost for so long... and keeping me injury free!  Her positivity gives me energy every time I see her.  My workouts with Sara are the highlights of my week. 

"Hey Guys! I’m an average woman who wants to prove that even the average person can be extraordinary. 
I never believed I was anything but average until I found body building. For the first time I found something that combined all my greatest assets including dedication, commitment, and grit. I found a discipline where there was a direct connection between the effort I put in and the results I got out. Five years since I started in the gym, I’ve accomplished things that even my family thought I couldn’t. It changed my values and made me want to pursue a more balanced and wholesome life where being active and eating healthy, whole foods is a priority. 



CPR Certified

Bachelors in journalism and minor in Business 



Weight loss

Building Muscle

Core training


"This world loves to tell all of us what we can’t do. I believe we should push our own boundaries further than we thought possible. I love the outdoors, animals and taking on new goals and adventures, basically just treating life as a playground."