How vital is movement?

As human beings we were made to move for numerous reasons. Whether it be to hunt for our next meal or not be hunted for the next creatures meal, we continued to move. 

Movement is vital to sending rich oxygenated blood to our organs and muscle. This goes along with burning calories and keeping body fat in a healthy range. 

The body is made for a full range of motion and sitting all day isn't good for it. Studies have shown that sitting too much can lead to many degenerative ailments throughout the body. Some of those ailments are:  an increase in back and hip pain, lower metabolism, increased risk of heart disease, muscular imbalances and the list goes on. 

Obesity, disease, and chronic pain was not really an issue until recent decades because physical activity was a way of life. We are now at a point of moving chair to chair whether it be in the work place or at home. According to research, sitting too much is without a doubt one of the worst things we can do for our health!

Why is movement so important? It's what our bodies were designed to do. With every movement, the nervous system and brain sends out complex signals to allow us to move freely and comfortably. This all begins at childhood when babies are learning gross motor skills which lead to optimal movement function into adulthood. As adults, if we don't use our muscles regularly, they will begin to atrophy and not work for us as well as needed. 

If your job has you sitting a majority of the time, set an alarm each hour or so to get up and move. Walk around the office, go grab a drink of water, or walk outside. Talk on the phone while walking in your office. Do little movements from time to time. Most of all, have a sound setup of your desk area that allows you to function with good posture and keep your head in a level position. 

Me and my client Phil having a blast moving!

Before or after work, plan time to be active. Go to the gym, get outside with your dog or kids, meet with friends for a run or join a recreation sports league. It doesn't take much to get moving... so make it a priority in your daily life!