Daniel Hartless

Daniel Hartless, Expert Trainer


Cheston Black\

I have had trouble getting results because of my knee, hips, and lower back.  I have had countless injuries that have plagued me and I always end up hurting myself worse when I went to the gym.  Daniel has changed my life.  I don't hurt anymore.  Losing weight, strengthening my muscles, and working on my cardio has made me feel so much better.  I can't tell you how much my quality of life has improved from training with Daniel! 

I have been lifting weights since freshmen year of high school. Originally a means to gain size and strength for football I quickly fell in love with lifting. Now a student at the University of Florida, pursuing a degree in Cvil Engineering, I take a more wholistic approach to fitness. I have been training for six years and plan to continue as long as I can. I focus primarily on my health and having fun, as training is a wonderful break from my engineering school work. I love training, especially learning new ways to better both myself and my clients. I believe progress is the best way to keep myself and others motivated, both in the gym and in life.  With this in mind I am always striving to push both myself and my clients to new heights.


Certified Personal trainer
CPR certified

Hitting a walk off home run to win the little league championship when I was 14 years old.

My post workout/breakfast smoothie… a frozen banana, soy milk, spinach, ground flax seed, peanut butter, and vanilla protein powder. Its quick, tasty, and super healthy!!!

Remembering to take a break and spend time with the people I care about, as well as looking back on what I have accomplished!