Blanca Fernandez

Blanca Fernandez, Personal Trainer


Roman Strass\  

I was nervous about hiring a personal trainer.  To be honest, I was nervous about setting foot in a gym.  I had been for a long time.  I was afraid of embarrassing myself because I was so out of shape.  Blanca set me at ease right away with her welcoming demeanor.  She is an expert at knowing what exercises work for my body...which is tough because I have so many injuries.  Before I knew it, I was doing things I thought I could no longer do.  I feel so much better now...I got my life back.  Blanca has really changed the way I look at life...I believe in myself again!

I’ve been involved in sports my whole life. I’ve always been passionate about helping others with the experience and knowledge I’ve gained along the way. In college I earned a BS in kinesiology with a minor in sculpting. As a student athlete, I was able to apply what I learned about technique, muscular imbalance, injury prevention as well as maintenance, mind body connection, creativity, visualizing and attention to detail. This has helped me appreciate the impact that instructors, coaches, trainers, physical therapists, cognitive therapists, as well as pep talks from teammates and friends have on a person while pushing to meet their personal goals. My goal is to pay it forward by helping people accomplish what they either have or have not achieved in the past, from physical and mental stand point.



  • CSCS Certified
  • CPR­AED Certified
  • BS Kinesiology
  • Concussion Certified


My favorite recipe for me, is a new one. I like trying new foods from other countries. Anything savory is the key to my heart.



Simply realizing how big of an impact the mind can have over the body. The mind can alter pain levels, recovery time from an injury, technique, performance, information processing, motor unit recruitment, posture, and last but not least attitude. The PR’s are just the icing on top.



I love to Latin dance, with or without music, any place any time. I like doing any form of art. From painting, drawing, decorating, ceramics, welding, wood carving, glass blowing. I also enjoy writing, meditating, working out and researching.