Brandon Blevins

Brandon Blevins, Personal Trainer


Micheal Jasportia\

Brandon has helped me lose 45 lbs in 6 months.  What more do I need to say then that?!  He is extremely motivating, a stickler for form, and pushes me just far enough each workout.  Brandon is also very creative and keeps things interesting for me.  His energy is contagious and he truly cares about me reaching my goals.  He is also very knowledgable about nutrition...and a fun person to be around! 

I have been a serious weight lifter, football player, and basketball competitor for over eight years. I've spent many years studying under NFL, NBA, and MLB strength coaches who have molded me to become the trainer I am today. During my senior year of high school I lost a Division I basketball scholarship due to an injury. It was heartbreaking, but a blessing in disguise, because through my recovery I discovered my passion for personal training and helping others achieve their optimal health. I've dedicated my life's work to building athletes and improving the lives of all individuals through a combination of science-based exercise and a plant-based diet. My experience has shown me that exercise and good diet can be a positive catalyst for change in all aspects of life!


  • National Academy of sports medicine CPT
  • CPR/AED Certified
  • First Aid



My favorite thing to cook is vegan fettuccine Alfredo! Fettuccine noodles tossed with a tofu based cream cheese and nutritional yeast Alfredo sauce topped with fresh parsley and lemon zest. My favorite thing to eat when I go out is Buffalo tempeh, packed with protein and oh so delicious! 



  • Running a mile in under 5:40.
  • Qualifying for state in weightlifting. 



Loving people. Keeping my loved ones close to my heart is most important to me. Staying active and training consistently. Always having something to look forward to in the future and working hard to achieve that thing. Exercising my creative muscles and always learning new things. Most importantly, living in the moment!