Daniel Schmidt

Daniel Schmidt, Master Trainer


Heather Gilliam \

Daniel Schmidt is the first personal trainer I have ever had. I have worked out with him now for almost 2 and a half years and isn't an exaggeration to say that he changed my life. He is not only professional, incredibly knowledgable about exercises, movement, anatomy but he also has an incredible energy and spirit that could motivate a wall to do 30 burpees without stopping. Working out with Daniel has brought my fitness level, mood and spirit to a totally different level. If you want a life-changing trainer, workout with Daniel!

I have worked out and been involved with a gym environment since I was sixteen years old. I love working out, getting stronger and feeling healthy.  I became passionate and aware of the importance of good health when my mother was diagnosed with diabetes when I was young. It is my utmost belief that good health is something we all deserve and something we can all achieve. I am dedicated to seeing that my clients not only reach their personal goals… but attain their fitness level best!



  • CPR/AED Certified.
  • First Aid
  • BA degree in Psychology


My favorite thing to cook would be my spicy quinoa black bean burger topped with homemade salsa. My favorite dish to get when I eat out would be the BBQ Tempeh Speciality Pizza from Satchels.



My biggest athletic achievement would be when I ran a quarter mile in 49.9 Seconds



The way I stay motivated is by always remembering that everyday is a new challenge and that  each day is an opportunity to take a step forward not a step backward.

While at work I stay motivated by remembering that I am making a positive difference in somebody's life, and that with my help they are becoming a better person.