Unsupersize Me


A Movie Documentary by Carly Asse

Unsupersize Me

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Carly Asse, owner of Zen Fitness worked with Zen Fitness client, Tracy Ryan for one year and helped her lose 200lbs!  Carly has created an award winning documentary of this amazing feat, which shows Carly and Tracy throughout the entire year.  Tracy lost all 200lbs by means of a plant-based (vegan) diet and normal amounts of exercise.  This movie uncovers the true magic of eating only plant-based foods.  It is called "Unsupersize Me" and has won 4 awards at film festivals this year.  The documentary shows what Tracy's life was like as an obese person that has not been able to "run" at all since she was 6 years old.  You will see what her life if like, from shopping for clothes to visiting the doctor's office and even dating, plus a lot more.  As her bodyfat melts away, you get to see her revisits these activities but 200lbs lighter.  The most amazing part is how simple it was for her by simple cutting out animal-based foods.

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UnSupersize Me - Tracy Ryan's epic one year journey from a 345 lb prison to a life full of passion, exercise and veganism has won 4 film festivals to date

Carly Asse, director and personal fitness trainer, captures the metamorphosis of a 345 lb woman trapped inside her own body into a marathon running, advocate for eating a plant-based diet.  UnSupersize me is an emotionally charged documentary that is now being entered in over 25 independent film festivals nationwide.  

The documentary details how Tracy Ryan lost over 200 lbs in one year and gained a freedom and lust for life unlike anything she could have ever imagined.  Tracy also gained a very close friend, Juan Francisco “Carly” Asse who filmed, directed and produced “UnSupersize Me”.  The film features how Asse was able to introduce Tracy Ryan to a plant-based diet and daily exercise that led to something much more important than weight loss:  personal freedom.

UnSupersize Me the Movie featuring Tracy Ryan

Asse’s program was simple: “At 345 lbs, Tracy was severely deconditioned and simple movements like running or using an elliptical machine hurt her knees so we started with walking.  For complete fitness we worked in weight training and Tracy began to progress quickly...beyond what I had imagined.”

“UnSupersize Me” has won at the Indie Film Festival, 2 awards at The Accolade Film Festival, and recently at the International Film Festival for Environment, Health, and Culture. The movie is still entered in 16 more film festivals this year.  Viewers are drawn into the deeply personal nature of the film as Tracy reveals how her obesity restricts friendships, dating and her ability to truly enjoy life.  They are also educated on how beneficial a plant-based diet can be.  Starting with a “pantry purge”, Asse guides Tracy through Vegan grocery shopping, vegetarian cooking, juicing and even “Iron Chef” competitions.  Tracy and Carly form a close bond during the film as they enjoy beach trips, vacations to exotic destinations and celebrate Tracy’s weight-loss milestones with tattoos.

Private showings of “UnSupersize Me” are being held at Zen Fitness and the film will be available for purchase later this year. 

About the Film:

“UnSupersize Me” was produced, directed and filmed by Carly Asse, owner of Zen Fitness.  Zen Fitness is a state-of-the-art private fitness studio available to people in any physical condition.  For more information on “Unsupersize Me” please visit the film’s website

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